Welcome to Beis Hamedrash Ohr Chodosh.

Founded by a group of young men who believed that regardless of one’s age, background and profession, we can all remain Yotzei Yeshiva as long as we continue to hold Torah, Mitzvos uMaasim Tovim at the centre of our daily lives. Ohr Chodosh is a Kehilla that prides itself on being warm, accessible and inclusive to all who share our appreciation of these cornerstones of “frum” Jewish living.

Since our foundation in 5760 (2000), under the guidance and care of Dayan Menachem Gelley, we have grown, along with our members, into a highly regarded mainstay of the North West London Orthodox Jewish community. Ideally located on the border between Golders Green and Hendon, our shul provides everything required for the Bnei Torah and Baalei Batim of both of these great communities. From daily Minyanim to inspiring Droshos from both our Dayan and renowned speakers. While we daven Nussach Ashkenaz, we are delighted to have members of any Nussach and background join us.