Adopt a Kollel

Beis Hamedrash Ohr Chodosh was the first Shul in the UK to join the Adopt a Kolel program and our partnership with Ateres Moshe has raised significant funds to assist the Kolel and continues to do so on a monthly basis.

As we continue to work towards our next goal of 100% Shul participation in this great Mitzva, Zaki Eckstein has kindly agreed to become an Adopt a Kolel Gabbai for Ohr Chodosh.

Ongoing Shiurim. All new participants are welcome!

  • On שבת mornings during אלול the Dayan gives a short שיעור before שחרית on תשובה ענייני
  • שבת morning learning סדר after שחרית ,preceded by a ‘coffee and cake’ Kiddush
  • The Dayan’s שיעור on חינוך מנחת takes place after מנחה on שבת ,from after פסח until after סוכות
  • The Dayan’s גמרא Shiur on Sunday evenings in the Shul. See calendar for times
  • The Dirshu Mishnah Berurah Shiur given by Rabbi Benjy Gordon on Monday-Thursday evenings
  • Boys Erev Shabbos learning program – 30 minutes before Friday mincha
  • A שיעור during שלישית סעודה during the winter
  • winter the during מוצאי שבת on אבות ובנים
  • בוקר כולל during the week before שחרית
  • Monthly שבת מוצאי chabura during the winter