Kollel Ateres Moshe Fundraising Campaign

As a Shul, we have agreed once again to assist this campaign and the Kollel raised much needed funds. This campaign comes exactly a year after the Kollel’s previous campaign to which the Shul assisted so generously.

Ohr Chodosh was the first Shul in the UK to Adopt a Kollel – an example that has since been followed by numerous Shuls.

Our Shul’s generosity over the years has been remarkable and on a month by month basis, we make a meaningful difference to the budget of the Kollel. At the same time, the Kollel supports our members however it can – including sending regular Divrei Torah for Yomim Tovim and assisting numerous members with Bar-Mitzva droshos.

Shul Melave Malka

The Dayan and Rebbetzin Shlit’a
together with the Committee and Gabboim
are delighted to invite the whole Shul to a
מלווה מלכה
Which will take place on Motzei Shabbos 28th January
at Hendon Adas Shul

Guest Speaker
Rabbi Moshe Levy