Ongoing Shiurim. All new participants are welcome!

  • The Dayan Shlit”a is giving Gemoro Shiur on Sundays before Mincha & Maariv in Shul.
  • The Dayan Shlit”a is giving Chabura on Thursdays at 9:15pm in his home. The Chabura is on various topics
  • 30 minute learning programme on Shabbos morning straight after Davening
  • The Dayan Shlit”a is giving a Minchas Chinuch Shiur on Shabbos between Mincha and Maariv during summer Zman
  • Rabbi Hartman Shlit”a is giving a Shiur on Seuda Shlishis during winter Zman
  • Omud Yomi Shiur, Mon – Thurs after Maariv
  • Ovos U’bonim on Motzei Shabbos during the winter Zman
  • Kollel Boker everyday before Shacharis
  • The Dayan Shlit”a is giving a Drosho between Kabolas Shabbos and Maariv at winter Zman
  • Rabbi Avrohom Blau Shlit”a is giving a Shiur on Sunday mornings from 10:30am – 11:20am
  • Rabbi Binyomin Mozes Shlit”a is giving Hilchos Shabbos Shiur for boys from Year 9 and above on Wednesday evenings from 9:00pm – 9:25pm
  • During Elul to Yom Kippur, a Shiur by the Dayan Shlit”a on Inyonei Teshuva before Shacharis on Shabbos at 9.00am
  • Elul Kolel Boker Mon-Fri 6.00am to 6.35am


The Annual General Meeting

Shimmie Berlin, Ari Davis, Shuki Rosenstein & Dovid Schwab will be continuing in their position as committee members.

Sruli Schleider & Yehudah Colman will be continuing in their position as Gabboim.

The motion to amend Shacharis to 9.00am on Shabbos throughout the year was downvoted 24:17.

Detailed minutes sent to the members